Song Lyrics 

From 'The Home Is Where The Heart' Is CD



(Written at Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia 2011)

The power of the rock is like no other
I said the power of the rock is like no other
Feel your feet on the earth, feel it rise up from mother earth
Sink into your soul

You people are changing my dream (yes I heard this before)
Said these people can change your dream
Your dreams are yours and my dreams are mine
But we took all of yours away so 
I guess that itís time you took one of mine

It the rock that lets you roll
Itís you people in control 

So to you people, much love and respect
Lovely people, much love and respect
So much for respect for you
Iím so glad we met again, and to all of my new friends
Lets enjoy what we have
Drink and be merry, Mary Jane, can I say it again




(Written in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 2012)

Like gremlins, we keep multiplying
Like the aliens, we keep on flying
Like a full moon, we keep on shining
And I think that we, should keep on trying

So tonight, just for a second
Let your only intention be to hear me say

Baby, you drive me crazy, not like maybe but like insanely
Letís make love, like way back in the day love
And when we wake up, lets do it all over again

Like a natty dreadlock we keep on growing
Like the clouds over the sea we keep revolving
Like a child who learns to dance we keep on smiling
And I know that we will keep on trying

So tonight, just for a second
Let your only intention be to hear me say


So many things on my mind
When I see you I forget about Ďem all, every time
Simplicity makes our love flow free
A little you and me, with a love that blows off the rooftop




(Written in Bangkok during civil unrest, New Years Eve 2009)

Every time that Iím traveling around the globe observing you all
Grooviní to my creativity, sharing the world with all of humanity
I feel the love, warmth and respect from most of the people that I never even met
But thereís always some; you know it only takes one to mess up the flow 
And now we gotta go

Take a step back or get your bag packed
Weíre sick of fighting and war; open mind and more love is the only cure

And ya know, we just wanna get down, shake it shake it
Get loose to be funky, lucky to have, your very own free country
You got to stop giviní that negativity, you got to start giviní that positivity
Get up, stand up, fight for your right, 
People of the world got your back, lets unite

You know itís sad when the military man is the pacifist
Disobeying the governmentís plans with the knife in hand until they cut it off
You can scare us with your guns and scare us with your power
You can scare us with your lies, it donít really matter
Sticks and stones may break our bones 
But out heart and soul will break through your barrier




(Written at Uprising Resort, Pacific Harbour, FIJI 2012)

Thereís a chill in the air tonight, reminds me of you
Silly things you wear, the silly things you do
Baby girl you flow right through me
Memories of you consume me again

Laugh pretty girl with your guitar in your hand
ĎCause I love to hear you laugh, loud as you can
Cry when I take off, take our time when we make love, itís true

All around the world
I've been missing your love, beautiful girl
Shooting star, satellite, see my angelís face in the firelight

A little tin love shack, is where I wanna be
Blend into your groove, makes your dreams come true
Fingers through your hair, smile like you don't care
Feels almost like the warmth of you on my skin tonight


Lay my head next to an angel, she taught me to love, taught me how to be
Set with the little things, for big things they grow, you know
Life is too short, to let a good thing go 
So be set with the little things, for big things they grow, you know 
Life is to short, but one thing that I know

Youíre my best friend
Lets never let this end
Lets never let this end
We canít let this love end


Lets never let this end
Lets never let this end
We canít let this love end
Cause I miss you my best friend




(Written at Eargasm Studios, Kings Cross, Sydney 2012)

Well girl, I been thinking about ya
Well boy, I been starting to doubt ya
Well girl donít be silly, ya always getting tricky
And you know that my loving is real

Well boy, I heard ya say this before
But girl itís only you I adore
Boy, I think that you're crazy and your loving does amaze me
But I canít let myself love you no more

Hey boy, let it go
Hey boy, let it be
Hey boy, donít ya see
Ya ainít gonna get no love from me

Hey Girl, say it ainít so
Hey Girl, who are you to know
Hey Boy, I just wanna be free
And ya ainít gonna get no love from me

Well boy, is that you creepin' about my door
Well Iím sad to say itís true but these things I do for you
ĎCause you drive me crazy, stop calling me baby
ĎCause you never gonna get it, no matter how I say
And you just canít leave it alone


Take me back pretty baby
Take me back pretty girl
Take me back, or I think Iím gonna crack
And I love ya but Iíll even the score

Ainít gonna take ya back Ďcause ya crazy
Ainít gonna take ya back no more
Ainít gonna take ya back and I think ya might crack
If ya mess with me Iím gonna give what for

Oh really, thatís right and you know how that goes, right boy?
YeahÖ. I think it might sound a little something like this



(Written in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean 2011) 

Relaxiní on the beach again, chiiliní on the sand
Look at the one that unites, by the ocean I stand
Flooded with colour, the sunset I'm under 
As the waves crash, címon

Check in and check it out as it builds out the back
Slide across the liquid, I can't believe we missed it
Oooh, c'mon keep rolliní, rolliní, rolliní

ĎCause the sunís so warm, the breeze so cool
Water like silk man, it keeps me smooth
Paddle to the left as my mate suggests
Stop to catch our breath, turn around and give a shout out 

To the sunset, to the sunset, this one goes out to the sunset 

To the setting sun from the sky to the ocean
Paddle for another wave undercover
Wash over me, cleanse my soul
Light up your lighter and pack another no

Chilliní at the beach since the break of dawn
Buddies and my girl we be lovin the morning, never boring
We sure are grooviní to the rhythm of the ocean

Put your head underwater, hear the dolphins song
Float on my back as the day moves on
Glass turn to ripple, ripple back to glass
Smile to each other, turnaround and give a shout out to the 


To the people on the streets, gimme some love
To the soldier in the dessert, gimme some love
To the omish in the country, gimme some love
To the people from my country, gimme some love

To the hippies at the beach, gimme some love
To the nunga's in the bush, gimme some love
To da people in the house, gimme some love
People in the house do you feel the love?

Now as the end of the day come near
We stoke up the fire, grab a beer
Sit on the sand, pull my girl real close
Talk about the things that matter the most

So to you I relay in this time of need 
As the crude crude oil is messing up your seas
And the war around the world bring people to their knees
The woodchopper keep cutting down the trees

Child soldier trained to shoot straight
And the hole in the ozone is right above my state
Terrorist drop a bomb to prove a point
And the rasta in Kingston rolls another joint

So I look to the sea and it blows my mind 
That it's the same ocean connecting all of mankind
Every continent and every race, gets a little heavy so we stopÖ
Stop to catch our breath, turn around and give a shout out




(Written on Nallarbor Plain, Western Australia 2012)

Let the aeroplane land in the morning
Let the aeroplane land in the night
But you got to clear the runway if weíre gonna make it by Sunday
Or else weíll piss the fella right off 

Aiming for the hillbilly from Cocklebiddy
Packiní my bags and Iím heading your way
For the hillbilly from Cocklebiddy
He got a message for the people

He takes uncomfortable silence to a new level
Freaky little smile, gonna make you tremble
Tries so hard to keep it together
With the sun and the people and the hardest of weather
Heís the king of his town but heís the only one around


He got the loaded shot gun
He got the chewing gum
He got the hat and the booze and a fridge for the roos
And a Marlborough smile like in the movies

He look kinda slow but the man fast
Better watch your back or get a cap in your ass




(Written at Uprising Resort, Pacific Harbour, FIJI 2012)

Island boy don't like the city
Traffic and the smoke kind of make me feel gritty
Going to the beach, gonna chill on the sand
Talk to the ocean Ďcause she always understand, yeah

Tide come in, the tide go out and
Simplicity of life, washed right out and 
The people love the music 
Yes the people they love the music

Island vibe is what I'm chasing
You know the island vibe helps you slow down your pacing
With no traffic light, many mosquito bites
Village people help me sing it

Island boy don't like the city
Traffic and the smoke kind of make me feel gritty
Going to the beach, gonna chill on the sand
Talk to the ocean Ďcause she always understand, yeah
Island boy chilliní like a villain
Roots and the reggae with the tropical rhythm
Going to the beach, gonna chill on the sand
Relax in the water with Scoobie in my hand

You know the rolley papers they be stickiní together
Humidity it be killiní - the weather!
But the people they be singing forever
With the frogs and the bats; jungle rhythm

So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself
Or get up and dance and just lose yourself
On the island we don't care what people think
The Island is the missing link 


Big up yourself, unbig up yourself and big it up again
ĎCause Iím an Island Boy with the ocean in my veins
The surf on the beach is the music of my day
I let my dreadlocks down when the sun goes out 
And my spirits digging up the rhythm of the island sound

Day in, day out I just roll with the season
Let the earth and the water be the one main reason 
Just chilliní like a villain holding true to my vision
This is my reality, help me with my mission 




(Written on the beach, Pacific Harbour, FIJI 2011)

Home is where the heart is
And when I'm alone, thatís when I fall the hardest

Iíve been gone 4 hours, 6 days and 3 months
And my home has begun to wander, wandering back to you

Packed my bags, no room for clothes once again
Five guitars and a new song, help lead to where I'm from

I give it all to the ocean 
The waves of my life, keep on rolling




(Written in Kings Cross, Sydney 2012)

Cracked my arm this morning, I broke it in two
Barely play my guitar but I can still sing this to you

No one can stop me, the pain it burns so bad
Sometimes the things you do for the love, cost everything ya have

Broken Bones
They always hurt when the weather change
Those broken bones
Memories, and they won't change

Well now 32 years old, traveled all over this big old globe
And I got a friend in every place
So why is it that I canít get your face off my mind
Every time seems Iím thinkiní about you
Everyday in every way it seems Iím trippiní all over you
I always seem to put myself on the line


Sometimes itís like youíre here with me
And other times not sure if itís even me
Sometime we just got a let it be
No matter what they say only you make me feel this way





(Written at Hindmarsh Island, Goolwa, South Australia 2011) 

Today I wrote a simple song for you
A little melody and a bit of groove too
Cause at the end of the day I have to say
I do it all to make you smile, even if only for a little while 

Sometimes things seem to fall apart and
Sometimes they fall apart so they can fall back together again

Take me for what I am
Take my heart and my hand
Let me understand, let me hear you say
O-oh, where you wanna go, o-oh, o-oh , where you wanna be
Too much to do, too much to see
Dance to the simple song from me

Sittiní around with my hand on your crown 
Wondering what youíre thinking
You breathe in, I breathe out - we agree to disagree
Then I wiggle to the left of your opinion 

My love, I love to love, we love to love
And then we love some more
Shut the door, give me a little more
Sit back and relax to nothing

Sometimes it all seems to move so fast and
Sometimes it feels so good to be free 


Are you coming, are you going, are you pushing, are you shoving
Are you starting, are stopping, are you hating, are you loving
Happy, are you sad, laughing, are you mad
Are you lonely, need your homie, are you just happy to know me

Kissing, are you hugging, are you walking, are you running
Are you looking to discover, are you reaching for another 
Put upon this planet from the loving of your mama and
Lifeís too short to waste a little bit of it on nada.





(Written at Otway National Park, Great Ocean Rd. Victoria, Australia)

Sleepy head, close your eyes
Let those good dreams take your mind tonight
Stay snuggled up in bed, gotta listen to what Mummy said
When you wake, I'll be here

Sleepy head, relax and be kind 
Let school and playtime go from your mind 
Youíre rushing to grow up, weíre wishing we could stop the clock
Keep you small for one more day

Sleep, sleep tonight
Just cuddle up between us, so tight
And dream, dream, time to dream
ĎCause we can't wait to hear just what you've seen